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Links to the Books... and Stuff 

NEW!!! from Rev. Judas IMOK, KSC and Trisha Takinawa...
The Principles of the Chao or
How to Defend Yourself Against
the REALLY Real DiscordiansTM
​A compilation in the spirit of the Discordia Totalis.
Containing the Loompanics PD, The Wise Book of Baloney,
The Etc Cetera Discordia, The Black Iron Prison and the Chao Te Ching.
Dedicated to the principiadiscordia.com forum


The Discordia Totalis(Containing the Loompanics PD,
Metaclysmia Discordia, Summa Discordia, The Book
of Eris, Zenarchy & the Zenarchists Cookbook, and the
Apocrypha Discordia)
Principia Discordia Revised and
Reconstituted Wholly 1st Edition
(with some additions including the
Appendix Discordia and more)


Principia Discordia Loompanics Edition
(Containing the 4th and 5th Edition of the PD.)
Principia Discordia 17th Edition-23ae
Principia Discordia version 23.5 -23ae
Principia Discordia Evangelical Edition
(4th Ed.)
1979 Sears and Roebuck Catalog
​Black Iron Prison (2007)
Black Iron Prison (2007) Booklet
​The Chao-Te-Ching


Summa Discordia
Aprocrypha Discordia
The ZenArchist Cookbook
Zen Without Zen Masters
The Book of Eris
Metaclysmia Discordia
The Wise Book of Baloney
The Apotheosis Psychoerotica
Principia Entropius
Memoirs of a Daydreamer
The Jonesboria Discordia
A Pocket Full of Chaos
Aeturnus Ille Discordia
Discordia: A Little Game About A Lot of Chaos
Condensed Chaos
Et Cetera Discordia
Musings of a Faceless Man
Ommiterre Libellus
The Book of Chaos and it's Virtue
The Book of Life
The Devia Discordia
Last Words
Letter to the Cabbages
Notice of Compulsory Illumination
Partnership Agreement
Printable Facebook Like-Dislike Stickers
Rules Not For You
Swine Flu
There Is No Discordian Society
Two Mindfrax

The Om Nom Nomicon
​Hey Jim!
Modern Mythological Creatures
23 Things to Amuse Yourself While You Wait
101 Ways to Make Everyone's Day Weirder
Intermittens - Vol 1
Intermittens - Vol 2 Elements of New Discordia
Intermittens - Vol 3 Weirdness
Intermittens - Vol 4 Illuminati, Secrets Revealed!
Intermittens - Vol 5 The Law of Fives
Intermittens - Vol 6 The Lesser Poop
Intermittens - Vol 7 OM
Intermittens - Vol 8 Self-Reliance

Intermittens - Vol 9 Phobias
Intermittens - Vol 10 Meatspace
Intermittens - The Fail-Whale Apocalypse
and Other Stories
​A Chaos-Marxism Primer
​Fractal Cult Pamphlet
​The Prophets of the Main Way
Discordian Meme-Bombs-Aleph
​Discordian Meme-Bomb Posters
PosterGASM-Ignite Yourself
PosterGASM-Free Job
PosterGASM-UFO Sighting
PosterGASM-Paid Assistant
PosterGASM Volume BUTTS
PosterGASM Volume Dingus
PosterGASM Volume Calvinball
Codex Seraphinianus
HIMEOBS Training Manual
​Become A Missing Person
Breathing Manually
Consumption is Democratic
Discordian Devival
Discordian Brochure
End Discrimination
End Minority Oppression
Equal Rights for Corporations
How to Know If You Are a Robot
Found Cat
Books by Robert Anton Wilson:
​Cosmic Trigger
Illuminatus! Trilogy
Schrodingers Cat Trilogy
​Masks of Illuminati
Promtheus Rising
Quantum Psychology
The Illuminati Papers
Wilhelm Reich in Hell

Updated and Published: Boomtime, 61 Confusion, Year of Our Lady of Discord (YOLD) 3182

Discordian Online Library of the M'.'M'.'M'.'

A division of the M'.'M'.'M'.' (Misantrhopic Mavens of Mu)


Other than some narwhals, a few platypi and a duckling as a late-night snack (mmmm... tasty),

no animals were harmed in the making of this site.

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